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We are looking to hire enthusiastic trainers to join us to impart knowledge and training at our knowledge centers and on online.

The ideal candidates should have strong communication skills, strong technical knowledge with a passion for teaching and training. We offer competitive remuneration and highly rewarding career opportunities.

If you think you are the right fit to join our mission, please send in your resume for us to review.

Our Journey

At Proway Academy, we believe skill development and training are inextricably linked to the prosperity of a nation. We have recognize the significance of having a trained workforce in order to support our country's economic progress and welfare. As a result, we have devised a variety of employability programs that include highly targeted and devoted skill training, knowledge transitioning and growth models, each aimed at bridging the gap in the skills of every individual.

To create an eco-system of learning and leadership platforms with leaders committed to developing more leaders.

To promote employability through job oriented skill trainings aimed at creating leaders of tomorrow who would in turn create even more jobs and business opportunities. 

To bridge skill gaps by delivering comprehensive learning programs and certifications to  equip students, professionals, business person and even home-makers  with the skills necessary to compete and to lead while facing challenges in their endeavors confidently.

Our Skill Enhancement initiative is designed to bring forward from the backward and underprivilege by identifying the areas of improvement based on extensive research and understanding.

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Striving to equip young brains and wise ones with cutting-edge technology and digital skills to help construct an amazing future.
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